Application Instructions

After being approved to set up company in Germany, the applicant and his family members can obtain a residence visa in Germany. The applicant and the family holding this visa can be included in the plan of the German health insurance and pension insurance; In Germany, education from primary school to university is free of charge, so the family can enjoy free education, which means that your children can attend over 300 free school in Germany. Children under 21 years old can receive 160 euros Children’s fund.

        According to the law of foreigners, the applicant's visa has usually 1 year of validity for the first time, and two years of validity for extension for the second and the third time, after more than 5 years the applicant can obtain permanent residency in Germany. In July 2004, Germany's high-profile immigration law has passed, which not only marks the integration with foreign immigrants into Germany, but also means that Germany admitted that it is a country with immigrants. The new immigration law came into force in 2005. You r company only need 3 years of successful operation to apply for permanent residence visa (green card). This visa has no time limit and does not need extension. With this visa, you can be settled in Germany at any time and any place. It is free access to the EU without visa.

       After getting a green card for 3 years, the applicant's family can enjoy more benefits such as unemployment benefits. After having obtained green card for 3 years, you can apply to join the German nationality to enjoy the right to vote and the right to be elected. You can also choose to continue to retain Chinese nationality with permanent residence in Germany ("green card"). Green card holders can also go to other countries in the European Union to engage in legal profession. After obtaining permanent residence status in Germany, it is easy to obtain visa for the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Eastern Europe. It is conducive to open up Europe and the United States market.
       Compared with the policies of the United States, New Zealand, Australia and other countries, the registration of new companies and investment immigration in Germany has less registered capital, fast speed for examination and approval, and no strict request for language. Although the company is set up in Germany, the applicant does not have to live in germany on the grounds of business as long as the company has good operation. The applicant need to enter Germany every six months and the residence time is not limited.

       German governments have many incentives to support new businesses. In Germany, the new company can be registered to enjoy government office rent subsidies, staff salaries subsidies, high-tech export subsidies, investment subsidies, etc. In Germany, the state-owned bank that is responsible for supporting innovative companies is Credit Bank of Germany.

Applicants are required to provide their conditions in China
1 Age: the age of investors is 25--55.
2 requirements: no requirements for foreign language level and education for investor.
3 criminal records: no criminal record for investor.
Permanent residence requirements:
1,establishing branch offices in Germany with three years of successful operation, smooth implementation of the business plan, the annual formal financial statements.
2, to pay 3 years of corporate self-employed personal tax and social insurance
3, did not receive local relief.
4, no criminal record